26.1.2018: Moomin characters

Aboanet Oy is now an official Moomin characters partner!

  26.1.2018: The International Water Association

Aboanet Oy is now an IWA corporate member!

  10.1.2017: IPV6 block

We can now serve even better! Aboanet got new IPV6 block with quadrillion IP adresses.

Aboanet Oy

Aboanet Oy does provide best solution for your server needs!



The base of our business is to provide dedicated server solutions for our customers. Each customer has their own server, not a piece of virtual server and can therefore utilize the full power of the server.

To maximize the security & up time we do run & own our server vault. Vault has 3 separate aircondition systems, UPS, access control, cccam systems.



Aboanet Oy has been founded 2000.
Company has a solid customer base and highly innovative approach to business.



Aboanet Oy is official partner with F-Secure.
We do provide all security solutions for our customers that F-Secure has to offer.

Server services

The uptime & security of our servers is excellent, we do use different Linux distributions to provide best environment for different customer needs. We do provide ready built solutions running on our servers and also provide virtual servers & dedicated servers for customers. We do upgrade constantly our servers for more energy efficent models, the server price does include following:

1. Server rent
2. Ups secured electricity
3. Airconditioned server vault
4. Rack space for server
5. IP adresses, IPV4 & IPV6
6. Root level access for server



Professional skill

Customer satisfaction

Aboanet Oy does invest to development constanly.

Backup services can be utilized either to backup the data located at offices, laptops, other server vaults. Naturally we can also backup all you desire from your dedicated servers located in our vault.

Dedicated bandwidth customer can get an own data line with guaranteed minimum speed, there is no monthly limits!

Dedicated server services provide a full performance of a server for one customer.

Email services does guarantee a secure & easy way to handly your emails. Basic services that are included are: antivirus, spam control, webmail, pop, pops, imap, imaps.

Email server service is for customers that want to create / delete email accounts, modify quotas and set all other settings themself.

Server hosting service is for customers that bring their own servers to be operated in our server vault.

Virtual server services provide a virtual server for customer.

Web server service is for customers that need quota to operate web pages.

Other services

WWW pages

Aboanet Oy does produce www pages with intelligence as well as simple basic pages.
Internet websites are tailored for even the most demanding and complex requests of customers accordingly. Please feel free to contact us, so we consult first your company's communication needs and customize it based on your company needs a suitable site. You do not require any knowledge of the IT division - we have it for you.


Customers can confidently use Aboanet Oy's e-mail services. We have a number of dedicated e-mail servers (no other services on the same server), as well as a separate Spam and virus filtering servers. This ensures high reliability and does reduce the amount of spam. All aboa.net servers have a security certificate which secures all data.

F-Secure products

Protection Service for Business (PSB) is a remotely managed IT security solution that protects your computers, file servers, and Exchange mail servers

Protection Service for Email (PSE) service allows the customer's e-mail to be protected from malware and spam is filtered before the delivery to e-mail server, which reduces network load significantly. Email encryption allows you to send confidential information without any extra installations.

Custom made programming

Aboanet Oy provides it's customers with customized applications implemented in different programming languages. Programming language is selected according to the application with the customer's consent. If desired, the customer gets full access to the source code, which guarantees the customer the most complete ownership of immaterial rights on the application.


Aboanet Oy staff includes both computer science, visual design, the system design professionals. Thus, we are able to better to offer combined communications, information technology to fulfill your marketing needs. This helps in finding a sensible solution and cost effective technology for the realization of a business idea.
Contact us to arrange a business information or risk mapping!


Aboanet Oy's photographer does business, advertising, and product photoshoots. If necessary, we use a photo studio. We provide high-quality images for the web pages, or a wall-sized large screens images. All prices are given to customer before the photosoot. Also an agreement of editing and the use of images will be done in advance.

Contact info

Address & telephone

  • Address: Vähäheikkiläntie 56 c 3 krs, 20810 Turku, Finland
  • telephone: +358-45-1111 511
  • Vat: FI16250194
  • Email: info@aboanet.fi

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